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Comprehensive Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Motorcycle keys are not like car keys or house keys. They are typically much thinner and softer, which means that they are more likely to accidentally get bent out of shape. One example of how this might happen would be for an item to fall on or against a key that has been left in the storage or bag lock. This can be a problem because even a very slight bend or twist in your motorcycle key may prevent you from being able to turn the ignition switch or to open your gas tank. In some cases, you may find that a bent key will open your gas tank and storage lock but will not turn your ignition switch.

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Motorcycle Key Duplication

To prevent that from happening, you should always carry a spare motorcycle key with you. But how many of us actually have a spare key and know where it is? If you do not, you will need the services of a professional motorcycle locksmith to duplicate a key for you, and we can help with that. We have the best motorcycle locksmith services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We provide mobile service on a 24-hour basis and can usually be at your location in less than 60 minutes to cut a new key for you.

Motorcycle Key Programming

One reason you should always carry a spare motorcycle key is that it makes key replacement easier and faster. This is due to the fact that many new motorcycle keys have to be programmed, a feat that requires specialized tools and training. However, we can provide a key replacement along with the necessary motorcycle key programming whether you have a spare or not. This means that even if you lose your last key or it gets damaged, we can still make it possible for you to ride your motorcycle.

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Motorcycle Lock Repair and Replacement

In addition to our key replacement and key programming services, we also offer motorcycle lock repair and replacement. Motorcycle locks, unlike those inside a car or truck, are exposed to the elements, which makes them susceptible to rust and corrosion. Extreme heat and cold can also cause a lock to expand and contract so much that your key no longer fits properly. Call us if you are having trouble with your motorcycle lock, and we can repair or replace it for you. This includes ignition locks, gas tank locks, storage or bag locks, and any other locks that you might have on your motorcycle.

Lucky Key Locksmith Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Lucky Key provides motorcycle locksmith services for all major brands. Our locksmiths are extensively trained and have years of experience working on motorcycle locks. Additionally, they are licensed, insured and bonded. We use the latest tools and techniques in order to get the job done right the first time. If you need motorcycle key duplication, programming, lock replacement or any other motorcycle locksmith services, contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you.

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I was called out to work having an issue securing the building by our night crew. Eddie responded quickly and said he would do his best to fix it. Mind you I had woken him up quite possibly at 12 am on a Saturday morning. He had a lot of patience and took his time to make sure the door was securing properly and that there were no issues with the functionality of the lock. Everything is working perfectly. Thank you guys for your timely service and definitely fair pricing.

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I have used other locksmiths and have never been satisfied with their work. A friend highly recommended Lucky Key Locks and I must say that I was so satisfied for all the reasons listed above!
They are perfectionists and my locks have never worked so well! I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!!

I had a problem getting into my house because I had faulty keys and I called them. The person who answered was really nice and polite. They came to my house really fast and did the work very efficiently. They are the most professional and most reliable locksmith that I’ve had business with. Totally recommended.