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Do you have a broken mailbox lock or maybe you have just lost your mailbox keys? It’s important to keep your mailbox lock secure. Lucky Key Locksmith provides professional mailbox lock repair and installation services to all Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas.

Mailbox safety and security protects against access to your private and business mail. Lucky Key Locksmith has a wide range of services to meet both household and commercial mail security needs. This includes a variety of sizes and shapes for both interior and exterior use.

Indoor property mailboxes are sold in individual units or groups to suit apartment buildings and offices. They are generally made of light weight aluminum or steel and can be found in vertical or horizontal units.

Freestanding mailboxes for outdoor usage are designed to endure heavy weather. They can be either column, post, or wall surface mount types. The outdoor mailboxes we offer are big enough to accommodate different sized parcels and protect them from both meddling and bad weather conditions.

Mailbox Locks

Mail robbery is as big an issue as well as mailbox vandalism. If you have an unlocked mailbox, you need to consider making a change. Lucky Key Locksmith offers locks with a new mailbox purchase, and we additionally repair existing mailbox locks. The type of lock you select will certainly depend on the measurements and style of the mailbox you have.

Mailman Key Keeper

Key keepers are a secure unit that allows the United States Postal Service to access a building in order to deliver the mail. The key keeper unit has a front door key or is a program to turn on the door buzzer. Lucky Key Locksmith installs key keeper units for commercial and residential buildings.

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Our commitment. We hold every communication with every client to the highest possible standard. We are incredibly proud of our repeat and referral business and the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can feel confident that the quality of locksmith work our company delivers to you will certainly leave you feeling safe in your home and business.

Contact us to find the ideal mailbox for your needs. We proudly serve clients all across Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas.